Sitemap - 2023 - Verified News

Hope restored, illegal holding, and tribal oversight expanded

December News Byte 2023

KOTFM events, DEI pushback, and federal clawbacks

KOTFM nominations, Tvlse allotment history, and commutation reform

Abuser guns, Mvskoke Savior, and dance diversity

BA fire recovery, Native Michigan, and Indian Country Christmas

November News Byte 2023

What would you like to learn about journalism?

Citizen journalism program, Native tradition, and new Osage compact

Reign of Terror files, NAHM events, and new academy worries

Thank you for a spectacular night!

Tribal ticket outcry, Thanksgiving alternatives, and post-election hope

The importance of KOTFM, Cherokee medical school, and MMIW activism

New Meta lawsuit, In Trust engaged, and healthcare for the homeless

October News Byte 2023

My Review of “Killers of the Flower Moon”

Fired BA bus driver, KOTFM in LA, and abortion advocacy intensifies

Uncovering Buried History: Reflections of my journey to the Allotment Era

Stealing Tvlse returns, domestic violence increases, and women gather at SWAN Con

Illegal spending, Ring of Fire, and Freedmen Virtual Conference

Freedmen win citizenship, medical debt ban, and Osage News collab

September News Byte 2023

Election results, youth homelessness, and Sober Bar launch

Stealing Tvlse Summer Tour | Fort Worth

Lahaina recovers, catholics seek accounts, and AI-influenced prescriptions

Impeachment talks, tornado cleanup, and September events

August News Byte 2023


Michigan tornadoes, TPS conflict update, and back-to-school support

Accreditation battle, parent health decline, and "kidfluencer" compensation

Suicide increases, AI lawsuit, and bookstore success

Stitt sues lawmakers, OK’s Women's Bill of Rights, and Tulsa Race Massacre chilling effect

Happy Birthday Week, VNN!

Stealing Tvlse Summer Tour | Kansas City

July News Byte 2023

Stealing Tvlse Summer Tour, organ transports, and new body cameras

Judge threats, storm damage loans, and food inequities

Abortion confusion, ICWA reaction, and animal shelter plea

Justice reporting gives way to the Stealing Tvlse Summer Tour

Questionable spending, Native jurisdiction, and no loan forgiveness

June News Byte 2023

Tribal compacts battle, cancer drug problems, and prison journalism pushback

Power out, ICWA upheld, and swim inequity

Medicaid loss, homeless students, and race massacre descendant

Abused survivor bill dies, FATE results, and 109-year-old author

May News Byte 2023

$12k award, murder-suicide case closed, and cancer support

Allotment horror, graduation lawsuit, and Black Wall Street Bikers

LIV tees off, no backpacks, and Eternal Heart

MMIW, housing lock out, and journalism experience

April News Byte 2023


Fostering crime, deadly storms, and Black-owned snub

WE Build, new Ed secretary, and wiring peace

Recovery High, Glossip update, and severe weather season

Citizenship trial, multimillion dollar sponsorship, and April events

March News Byte 2023

Prison papers, childhood trauma, and war memorial

Trump arrest tweet, Mvskoke protestors, and IrishFest return

Toxic waste refused, marijuana rejected, and school rezoning tabled

Have you heard the news?

Homeless families, recreational marijuana, and Between Two Fires

February News Byte 2023

Severe storms, representative charged, and Saint Patrick's Day dinner

Mvskoke legend, survivor justice, and school shooting update

Freedmen case update, next gen tech, and big business addiction

Justice agreement, reform calls, and glamour gowns shakeup

Rez Ball casting, abortion debate, and more BA tragedy

January News Byte 2023

Bad Press, Black Futures Hackathon, and smartphone doctors

Education inflation, grant opportunity, and break-in escalation

Communication keys, Lighthorse update, and state question hardship

Q1 2023 Rundown